XVI International Film Music Festival “Provincia de Cordoba” 2014

César Benito was invited to participate at the XVI International Film Music Festival “Provincia de Cordoba” 2014, and he was one of the more active guest composers, five performances, master classes, clinics, awards ceremony, etc.

• July 21, 2014, Fuente Alamo Roman Villa in Puente Genil, Spain

Opening Concert: A monographic review of Cesar Benito’s film and TV music, performed by Joven Orquesta de Cordoba, conducted by Cesar Benito.

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• July 22, 2014 Clinic with film music critic Conrado Xalabarder and Pablo Laspra

Taller de composicion


• July 23, 2014 Cordoba

Master class on film music as a career, by Cesar Benito


Film & TV music panel: Murray Gold, Christopher Lennertz, Debbie Wiseman, John Lunn, Oswaldo Montes, Cesar Benito


Interview with French film music magazine UnderScores

underscores interview


• July 24, 2014, Priego de Cordoba, Spain

Cesar Benito (conductor) and the Joven Orquesta de Cordoba perform Benito’s film & TV orchestral suites at Teatro Victoria, Priego de Cordoba, Spain

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• July 24. Awards ceremony. Cordoba, Spain

Benito was nominated in four categories at the GoldSpirit Awards, bringing home two of them: Best Spanish Original Soundtrack, Best Breakthrough Composer.

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• July 25, 2014, Cordoba, Spain

Cesar Benito’s EL TIEMPO ENTRE COSTURAS – SUITE performed Orquesta Filarmónica de Málaga, conducted by the composer himself, at Gran Teatro de Córdoba.

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• July 26, 2014. Gran Teatro. Cordoba, Spain

Cesar Benito’s TEMA DE SIRA (from El Tiempo Entre Costuras), performed by César Benito (Piano) and Orquesta de Córdoba,, conducted by Juan Manuel Parra.

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• July 27, 2014. Cordoba

CD & Poster signing, etc…

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Closing concert: A night of jazz with Nani García (Piano), Rolf Kent (Piano and Harmonium), Albert Angela (Bass), Tuti Fernandez (Electric Guitar), César Benito (Ukelele), etc. at Palacio de Viana.

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Concierto @ Palacio de Viana, Cordoba

Hanging out on the AVE train with Muray Gold and Rolfe Kent, on our way back home.